Apr 29, 2012

Skin Care With Gram Flour

Are you looking for natural ways to get rid of dullness and tan? You have stopped by a right place, where you will learn natural ways to get fair and white skin with gram flour. Gram flour is one of the best natural skin whitening agents that help remove the tan and enhances the beauty of skin by making it flawless and smooth. Here are some simple recipes with gram flour that can help you get white and fair skin:

Gram Flour And Raw Milk Mask

Gram flour can be used along with raw milk for fresh and fair skin. You can make a gram flour mask by taking 1 tbsp gram flour along with few drops of lemon and raw milk to make a thick paste. Apply this mask evenly on cleansed skin for 20 minutes. This mask should be applied daily on oily skin. Use milk cream instead of raw milk if you have dry skin.

Gram Flour Honey Mask

While the gram flour is natural whitening agent, honey is a natural moisturizer. Honey does not only hydrates your skin but also removes tan and dullness. You can make a Gram flour Honey Mask by adding 1 tbsp of honey to 1 tbsp gram flour and some rose water. Follow this mask daily for 20 minutes.

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Apr 27, 2012

Skin Care With Tomato

A glowing and flawless skin is all what a girl would like to have! There is a variety of ways to achieve flawless and smooth skin. There are several skin care brands that are producing skin refreshing cosmetics. However, the high quality products are quite expensive and out of the reach of common people. One the other hand, the cosmetics that are cheap, they have low quality and should not be used on skin. The best way for getting refreshed and nourished skin is the use of natural remedies. Tomato is one of the best skin refreshing fruits that help get flawless and fair skin. Here are some simple masks for fair and flawless skin:

Tomato Juice Mask

Tomato juice mask produces cooling effect on your skin. You should apply this mask on your skin for 20 minutes daily. This will bring a youthful glow on your lifeless face.

Tomato & Cucumber Juice Mask

Tomato juice along with cucumber juice make a perfect combination for a healthy and glowing skin. You should apply this mask for 20 minutes daily on cleansed skin.

Drinking tomato juice daily will also help increase the freshness of your skin. It also helps refine the skin pores.

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Apr 20, 2012

Aging Skin Care With Mulberry Masks

Source: Tom Curtis

Black mulberry is considered to have best taste among other berries. Most of the people love to eat it. It is a great source of antioxidants. It is very good for human health. Its very good to overcome throat infections. It is used in many cough syrups. It refines blood and strengthen our heart by keeping our heart young. But you will be surprised to know that it is one of the best skin beauty natural ingredients.

Source: sxc
Black mulberry is used in many skin whitening creams. It prevents the synthesis of melanin. It is very good for diminishing dark spots. It is very effective to remove blemishes. They are rich source of antioxidants and so they are very effective in getting rid of wrinkles. Mulberries are very good for glowing , tight and flawless skin.

Mulberry mask

Take 8 mulberries and mash them. Apply this mask on face for 20 minute. Follow this daily. It will definitely bring youthful glow to your skin. Its a very good mask to prevent wrinkles, blemishes. It will also help to remove dark spots.

Source: sxc

Mulberry juice

Drinking lots of mulberry juice is very effective to get glowing skin. Those who have wrinkles problem should drink mulberry juice twice a day. It has antioxidant properties and is very effective in preventing wrinkles.
You can also use combinations like strawberry mulberry juice etc. And same thing for facial masks. You can use strawberries and mulberries together. So eat mulberry and use it as a beauty product and stay happy :)

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Skin Benefits Of Apple Masks

Source: photostock
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"... Very well said! It's not only true for health of your body but also your skin. Apple is beneficial for body as well as human skin. It contains elements which help remove skin dead cells and make skin fairer. It can help remove blemishes. It is very effective for pimple removal. Apple pulp when applied on skin can maintain skin PH and help get over dangerous skin infections.

Apple contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Both of these vitamins are very good for skin health.They repair the damaged skin cells and remove dead ones. Vitamin C is very good for skin lightening. It's used in many skin lightening creams. As apple has vitamin C so it's very good to use apple mask for fair and smooth skin that could be achieved because of vitamin A and C in apple.

Source: artemisphoto

Apple pulp mask:
Take one apple, apply its pulp on skin for 20 minutes and wash. After washing apply moisturizer. This mask is very useful for combination skin.
Boiled apple mask:
Boil apple slices in water and make pulp. Let it cool then apply for 20 minutes. This will help bring glow on your face and make your skin fair and smooth.
Apple and honey mask:
Take mashed apple pulp and mix 1 tbsp honey. Apply on face for 20 minutes. This mask will bring youthful glow on your face just in a week.
Apple seeds mask:
Apple seeds are rich source of Vitamin E. Apple seeds( ground) and honey mixed together make superb mask for acne. Use this for 10 minutes daily.

Apple is also good for hair skin. Applying apple juice on hair is very useful for hair skin.
Apple juices and apple milk shakes are very good for healthy and glowing skin. Drink apple juice daily and get healthy and glowing skin. It will not only improve your skin but will improve your body health. So enjoy apple!

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Create Full Lips With Red Lipstick

Lips are one of the most prominentfeatures of your face. The beautiful and soft lips are all what youever dreamed of. Women like to have full and juicy lips across theworld. This is highly trendy in European countries to enhance thethickness of lips by the use of make up or surgery. The best way toget full lips instantly is use of make up. The best color forenhancing the size of lips are red color.

Red lips do not only give you a hotlook but also enhance the fullness of your lips. The famous HollyWood star Angelina Julie is famous for the fullness of her lips.Because of her charming and hot full lips, every girl likes to getfull lips. The best way to create full lips on a evening party is theuse of red lipstick. Black ball gown, white silvery skin and full redlips? What a hot look you're going to create? Even the dark girlslook awesome in red lipstick. Here are the simple steps to createfull lips using red lipstick:

  • Apply lip balm for half hour before wearing lipstick. This will hydrate your lips and add mass to them.
  • Take a red lip pencil and draw the outline a bit outside the lower lip, so that it looks bigger.
  • Apply red outline on upper face but do not use it outside of the upper lip.
  • Now apply red lipstick according to the outline.
  • Apply transparent gloss in ample amount. The more gloss you will apply on lower lip the more fullness it will create.

Follow these simple steps for creatingfull lips using red lipstick!
Photo Credit: sxc.hu

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Apr 16, 2012

Daily Natural Look Make Up

Are you sick of putting on loads of make upto look beautiful? Do you want to give yourself a natural look that is admiredby everyone? If this is what you’re looking for, then you have stopped by theright place. Natural looks do not only make you look younger but also give youa decent appearance. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to create a natural look. Hereare some simple steps that you can easily do
daily to get a fresh and naturallook:

Photo Source: sxc

The first and foremost step in make is selectionof a suitable foundation that matches your natural tint. Do not apply heavylayer that will give you an awkward look. Apply a thin layer of liquid foundationwith brush or fingers in circular movements.


After applying foundation evenly acrossyour face, apply face powder. Loose powder is best for this purpose, as it givesyou a perfect matte look. After applying face powder wipe if lightly withtissue paper to balance or remove any extra powder. Always choose face powdershades that match you complexion.


For a natural look, apply blusher ofnatural tints such as rosy pink, light peach, baby pink etc. you may apply iton nose, middle of forehead, chin and on cheek bones evenly.

Eye linerand eye shade:

Line the inside of eye with black eyeliner. Curl you eye lashes and apply mascara to make them look naturallycurled. Curled eye lashes give you innocent look. Apply an eye shade of brown,beige or any earth tone evenly.


Use lipstick of natural colors such aslight orange, peach, rosy pink. Apply light colors that add natural look toyour face.

Putting loads of make up on your face is notgoing to make you look beautiful. You must learn to wear make up wisely, sothat you can look fresh and youthful all day.

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Apr 14, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips?

Are you sick ofchapped and dry lips? Do you want to add smoothness and softness toyour dull lips? If this is what you are looking for, then you havestopped by the right blog! Lips are one of the most prominentfeatures of the face that add to the beauty of your face. Of course,every girl wants soft and full lips that give you an innocent look.Your lips become chapped and dried during winters because of dehydration. The lack of moisture makes your lips look dull, dark anddead. There are various solutions for chapped lips such as use of lipbalms, petroleum jelly or lip oils. These lip cosmetics can bepurchased at cosmetic stores. However, most lip cosmetics are quiteexpensive and are out of the range of many people. Another bettersolution is the use of fruits and dairy to cure chapped lips.

Fresh Milk Cream For Chapped Lips

Milk contains plenty of proteins andlactic acid. These are really important for healthy skin. Fresh milkcream is really good for moisturizing your lips. You make take asmall amount of fresh milk cream and add few lemon drops. Rub thismixture on your lips and let it stay there whole night. This willdefinitely help get rid of chapped and dry lips.

Olive Oil For Chapped Lips

Olive oil is alsovery good for adding moisture your dry skin. Apply small amount ofolive oil along with few lemon drops over night. This will helpreduce lip dullness and help hydrate your lips making them soft,supple and healthy.

Sugar And Lemon Lip Scrub

Sugar can be usedas an ex-foliating tool in its finely ground form. You can make asugar and lemon drops lip scrub that can help remove dead skin cellsfrom your lips to give them fresh and youthful touch.

Most people getchapped lips because of dehydration, as many of them stop takingample amount of water. It is very important to drink plenty of waterand fresh juices. You should also eat healthy foods and fresh fruits.Add vitamin E and Vitamin C in your diet to keep your lips healthy,soft and supple!
Photo Source: luigi diamanti
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Apr 13, 2012

Home Made Masks For Skin Whitening

Obviously, every Asian girl wants freshand white skin. For achieving a white and glowing skin, they useharmful chemicals such as kojic acid, hydro-quinine and mercury.These chemicals work fast and result in white skin; however, theoveruse of these chemicals can cause great harm to your skin. Thereare several natural ingredients that are famous for skin lighteningand are used in a variety of natural and herbal skin lighteningcreams.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is arich source of vitamin C. Lemon juice can be used to lighten yourskin effectively. You may use equal amounts of lemon juice and waterto apply on face for 20 minutes daily. You may also use few drops oflemon juice with gram flour to make a paste. Apply this paste oncleansed skin for 20 minutes and remove in circles with fingers.Using these masks daily will definitely lighten your skin in a fewweeks.

Raw Milk:

Raw milk is anatural cleanser. Milk is a great source of lactic acid and proteins.Cleansing your skin with raw milk daily, will help remove tans andbring fairness to your dull skin.


Honey is not onlya natural moisturizer but also an anti-tanning ingredient that helpsremove tans from skin. Applying honey along with few drops of wateris a great mask for lightening your skin in few weeks. Apply thismask for 20-30 minutes daily. Use this mask daily to get a fair andglowing skin in few weeks.

Some other naturalingredients that can be used for lightening your skin are yogurt,tomato juice, cucumber, sandal wood powder and orange peel mask. Wewill be discussing these masks in next posts.
Photo Source: graur codrin
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Some Simple Rules For Skin Care

Some Simple Rules For Skin Care
Our skin is thelargest organ of our body. Our skin does not only protect from theenvironmental effects but also enhances our beauty. If you have abeautiful and glowing skin, you are considered beautiful. Achieving aflawless and glowing skin is all what every girl dreams about. It isnot necessary to spend lots of money to get flawless skin; however,some simple rules can be followed to get a flawless and glowing skin.Here are these simple rules that would help you get a flawless andglowing skin:

Cleanse Your Skin Daily:

Skin has a hugenumber of little pores. These pores gather dirt on daily basis. It ishighly needed to cleanse these pores regularly. You can cleanse yourskin pores by using a cleansing milk. You can buy a suitablecleansing milk from cosmetic stores. You may also use a naturalcleanser such as raw milk or yogurt. Raw fresh milk is the bestcleanser. You will just have to dip the cotton balls in raw milk.Massage the milk gently for few minutes daily in morning.

Scrubbing And Ex-foliation:

scrubbing andex-foliation can help remove dead skin cells. You can either use anatural scrub or buy a scrub from a cosmetic store. You do not needto buy very expensive scrub, rather just buy a scrub that matchesyour skin type.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy dietplays a vital role in deciding the health of your skin. Your skinneeds vitamins and minerals for its nourishment. Add fiber, freshfruits and green vegetable to your diet for fresh and healthy skin.Try to drink plenty of water and fresh juices to keep your skinhydrated. Avoid smoking and Alcohol, as both of them accelerate theskin aging process.

Have Adequate Sleep and AvoidStress:

An ample amount ofsleep is needed to keep skin refreshed and healthy. You should avoiddepression and stress to keep you skin glowing and healthy.

Photo Source : Victor Habbick
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Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin

A healthy and glowing skin is the dream of all girls. You are not considered beautiful until you have a beautiful and glowing skin. For achieving a healthy and youthful skin you do not need to beauty care centres an invest huge amount of money. There are some simple rules that can be adopted to get a glowing and beautiful skin at home.

Our skin contains fine pores that get filled with dirt daily. It is very important to cleanse your skin daily to remove dirt and dust from the pores. Also you must ex-foliate your skin once a week. Ex-foliation is very important for removing dead skin cells from your skin. When the dead skin cells are removed, new skin comes out. You can buy a good ex-foliation cream or lotion to remove your dead skin cells. You may also use natural ex-foliating masks. You can make an ex-foliation cream at home. You may take the crushed oat meals mixed with yogurt and rub gently on your skin. Follow this at least once a week.

What you drink puts a direct effect on your skin. It is important to eat fresh and healthy food. You should also drink plenty of water and fresh juices to make your skin fresh and healthy. Of all the tips mentioned above, most important thing is the inner happiness. Try to stay happy and have enough sleep to keep skin fresh and glowing!
Photo Source: Victor Habbick
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How to Do Pedicure at Home?

Photo source: sxc
Our feet are the most useful parts of ourbody. Sometimes, our feet have to bear our tight and uncomfortable shoes forwhole day. These uncomfortable shoes may leave ugly marks on your feet. As feetbear the whole weight of your body all day, they should be greatly taken careof. It is very important to keep your feet neat and clean, as a person’s cleanlinessis reflected in the cleanliness of their feet.

For maintaining the beauty of your feet andto get rid of weariness, you may follow some simple steps at home.

Thingsrequired for pedicure:

For pedicure at home you need the followingthings, which you will not only control the expenses of beauty parlor with but alsodo a pedicure in a perfect way at home:

- Nail cutter
- Nail file
- Cuticle cutter
- Pumice stone
- Moisturizer
- Towel
- Plastic bowl
- Nail paint remover
- Cotton pads
- Olive oil
- Salt
- Liquid soap
- Nail paint
- Nail varnish


- Remove the nail paint with cotton pads dipped in nail paint remover.
- Take a plastic bowl filled with warm water to dip your feet in it.You must add salt and liquid soap in this bowl. Keep your feet in water for 5minutes.
- After 5 minutes rub your heels with pumice stone to remove dirt anddead skin cells.
- Now wipe your feet with towel and apply cuticle oil on nails toclean them. Cuticle or olive oil will soften the dead skin cells and let themremove easily.
- Cut your nails with nail cutter and use a nail file to shape themproperly.
- Now massage your feet with a suitable moisturizer.
- Now wipe your feet with towel to remove moisturizer.
- Apply the nail paint on nails and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
- Apply the nail varnish and let it dry for 15 minutes.

You may repeat this process twice a month. Itwill not only make your feet look beautiful but also let you get rid of your weariness.
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Apr 9, 2012

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

 Photo source: graurcodrin

Are you sick of puffiness under your eyes? Are you looking for some simple ways to get rid of puffy eyes? You have stopped by the right place! Before you choose a treatment to get rid of puffy eyes, you need to learn what puffiness is and what are its causes? Puffiness is a medical condition in which eyes swell because of various factors. Puffy eyes may be symptoms of several other eye conditions or diseases. Most of the times, puffiness disappears after some time or treatment. Most commonly, puffy eyes cause irritation, blurry vision, discomfort and swelling.

Causes of Puffy Eyes:

Puffy eyes are caused by several factors:

-  Allergies
-  Fluid retention
-  Hormonal changes
-  Emotions
-  Lack of sleep
-  Excessive use of drugs
-  Aging
-  Heredity

Treatments to get rid of puffy eyes:

Puffy eyes make you look older and lifeless. To get rid of puffy eyes, you may follow some simple steps:

-  Wash your eyes with cold water
-  Say no to salty foods with high sodium contents
-  Improve the quality of your sleep
-  Drink lots of water, as it cleans your body systems
-  Use cold slices of cucumber or used tea bags on your eyes.
-  Puffy eye creams are also available on cosmetic stores.
-  If the problem still persists, consult an eye specialist.

You may also get an eye lifter treatment, in which a doctor would tighten up your under eye area. He would melt the fat from under eye area away with a probe, which is electric. After that he would pull your skin tight to make it firm. It is a kind of quick surgery. Dermatological treatments and wrinkle fillers may also help get rid of puffy eyes.
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Apr 6, 2012

How to Prevent Freckles and Pigmentation

Photo Source: sxc

If you wander in hot weather without sunscreen, it means you’re inviting dark spots and freckles to destroy your clear facial skin. Prolong sun exposure of skin without sun screen makes your skin dull and lifeless. Dark spots and blemishes appear on exposed skin causing Hyper Pigmentation. In this process, a chemical substance Melanin plays important role in darkening various parts of skin. If you let your face untreated, your beautiful face will be filled by ugly freckles and brown spots. Working women have to go out in sun often. Women use various creams and lotions to get rid of freckles and pigmentation. Most women start using sun block when they have already destroyed their face with freckles. There are many brands of sun screen, which claim to remove freckles and brown spots; however, many of them produce quick but temporary results i-e when you stop using these sun screens, you will get your freckles and brown spots back.

According to skin specialists, most brands use harmful chemicals in their sun screens and beauty creams to increase the demand of their products. These products work faster, but produce temporary results with lots of side effects. A break in the use of these creams and lotions would bring your marks and brown spots back. That is why, it is very important to use a well known and reliable sun screen. Whenever you go for purchasing a sun screen, always read the ingredients first. Check either the ingredients are safe or not. Some brands use harmful ingredients such as mercury and harmful acids that will ultimately destroy your skin by making it thin. Here are some simple tips for the prevention of freckles and pigmentation:

-Avoid going out in sun as much as you can.
-Use a proper sun screen SPF 30
-Wear long clothes, full sleeves and trousers, while going out in sun.
-Wear hat and sun glasses.
-Drink lots of water.
-Eat fruits and drink fruit juices.

The only solution to keep your skin from freckles and pigmentation is to use sun screen before these marks appear on your skin.

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Apr 3, 2012

Simple tips for healthy skin

Photo source: graur codrin
kin is the largest organ of your body thatprotects inner organs from several infections. A healthy and glowing skin is consideredthe sign of beauty. Most girls look for easy and simple ways to get healthyskin, because they lack time for intensive skin care. You just need to adopt asimple skin care routine for preventing several skin problems and delayingnatural aging process.


Facial cleansing is the first step in skincare routine. Facial cleansing is very important, as it removes the dirt and extraoil from skin pores, leaving fresh and clean skin behind. You may choose a propercleanser that suits your skin type. Before you choose a facial cleanser foryour skin you must check for your skin type. Basically, there are three typesof skins i-e oily, dry or combination skin. Choose your facial cleanseraccording to your skin type. Facial cleansers are easily available at cosmeticstores. You may also buy them online.

Exfoliationand scrubbing:

Exfoliation is another important step indaily skin care routine. The main purpose of exfoliation and scrubbing is toremove dead skin cells and bring the new skin out. When the dead skin layer isremoved, new fresh and healthy skin layer comes out. If you exfoliate your skinregularly fine lines will be reduced and skin will retain adequate moisture tokeep it fresh and youthful. Exfoliating creams are available at cosmetic storesand online shops.


Moisturizing your skin with a suitablemoisturizer is very easy. Most people have a misconception that oily skin doesnot need moisture; however, this is just a myth. You may choose moisturizer accordingto the type of skin you own.

Avoidsun exposure:

One of the major causes of premature skinaging is sun exposure. Sun damages your skin making it look dull and lifeless. Itis extremely important to wear a suitable sunscreen and avoid prolong sunexposure.


Your diet puts a direct effect on your skintexture. Most skin problems happen because of unhealthy eating habits and wrongfoods. Avoid oily foods because they cause pimples and acne problems. Drinking freshjuices and lots of water would definitely make your skin look fresh andhealthy. Avoid depression and take adequate sleep. Try to stay happy with whatyou have and what you are!

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