Apr 20, 2012

Create Full Lips With Red Lipstick

Lips are one of the most prominentfeatures of your face. The beautiful and soft lips are all what youever dreamed of. Women like to have full and juicy lips across theworld. This is highly trendy in European countries to enhance thethickness of lips by the use of make up or surgery. The best way toget full lips instantly is use of make up. The best color forenhancing the size of lips are red color.

Red lips do not only give you a hotlook but also enhance the fullness of your lips. The famous HollyWood star Angelina Julie is famous for the fullness of her lips.Because of her charming and hot full lips, every girl likes to getfull lips. The best way to create full lips on a evening party is theuse of red lipstick. Black ball gown, white silvery skin and full redlips? What a hot look you're going to create? Even the dark girlslook awesome in red lipstick. Here are the simple steps to createfull lips using red lipstick:

  • Apply lip balm for half hour before wearing lipstick. This will hydrate your lips and add mass to them.
  • Take a red lip pencil and draw the outline a bit outside the lower lip, so that it looks bigger.
  • Apply red outline on upper face but do not use it outside of the upper lip.
  • Now apply red lipstick according to the outline.
  • Apply transparent gloss in ample amount. The more gloss you will apply on lower lip the more fullness it will create.

Follow these simple steps for creatingfull lips using red lipstick!
Photo Credit: sxc.hu


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