Apr 14, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips?

Are you sick ofchapped and dry lips? Do you want to add smoothness and softness toyour dull lips? If this is what you are looking for, then you havestopped by the right blog! Lips are one of the most prominentfeatures of the face that add to the beauty of your face. Of course,every girl wants soft and full lips that give you an innocent look.Your lips become chapped and dried during winters because of dehydration. The lack of moisture makes your lips look dull, dark anddead. There are various solutions for chapped lips such as use of lipbalms, petroleum jelly or lip oils. These lip cosmetics can bepurchased at cosmetic stores. However, most lip cosmetics are quiteexpensive and are out of the range of many people. Another bettersolution is the use of fruits and dairy to cure chapped lips.

Fresh Milk Cream For Chapped Lips

Milk contains plenty of proteins andlactic acid. These are really important for healthy skin. Fresh milkcream is really good for moisturizing your lips. You make take asmall amount of fresh milk cream and add few lemon drops. Rub thismixture on your lips and let it stay there whole night. This willdefinitely help get rid of chapped and dry lips.

Olive Oil For Chapped Lips

Olive oil is alsovery good for adding moisture your dry skin. Apply small amount ofolive oil along with few lemon drops over night. This will helpreduce lip dullness and help hydrate your lips making them soft,supple and healthy.

Sugar And Lemon Lip Scrub

Sugar can be usedas an ex-foliating tool in its finely ground form. You can make asugar and lemon drops lip scrub that can help remove dead skin cellsfrom your lips to give them fresh and youthful touch.

Most people getchapped lips because of dehydration, as many of them stop takingample amount of water. It is very important to drink plenty of waterand fresh juices. You should also eat healthy foods and fresh fruits.Add vitamin E and Vitamin C in your diet to keep your lips healthy,soft and supple!
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