Apr 13, 2012

Some Simple Rules For Skin Care

Some Simple Rules For Skin Care
Our skin is thelargest organ of our body. Our skin does not only protect from theenvironmental effects but also enhances our beauty. If you have abeautiful and glowing skin, you are considered beautiful. Achieving aflawless and glowing skin is all what every girl dreams about. It isnot necessary to spend lots of money to get flawless skin; however,some simple rules can be followed to get a flawless and glowing skin.Here are these simple rules that would help you get a flawless andglowing skin:

Cleanse Your Skin Daily:

Skin has a hugenumber of little pores. These pores gather dirt on daily basis. It ishighly needed to cleanse these pores regularly. You can cleanse yourskin pores by using a cleansing milk. You can buy a suitablecleansing milk from cosmetic stores. You may also use a naturalcleanser such as raw milk or yogurt. Raw fresh milk is the bestcleanser. You will just have to dip the cotton balls in raw milk.Massage the milk gently for few minutes daily in morning.

Scrubbing And Ex-foliation:

scrubbing andex-foliation can help remove dead skin cells. You can either use anatural scrub or buy a scrub from a cosmetic store. You do not needto buy very expensive scrub, rather just buy a scrub that matchesyour skin type.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy dietplays a vital role in deciding the health of your skin. Your skinneeds vitamins and minerals for its nourishment. Add fiber, freshfruits and green vegetable to your diet for fresh and healthy skin.Try to drink plenty of water and fresh juices to keep your skinhydrated. Avoid smoking and Alcohol, as both of them accelerate theskin aging process.

Have Adequate Sleep and AvoidStress:

An ample amount ofsleep is needed to keep skin refreshed and healthy. You should avoiddepression and stress to keep you skin glowing and healthy.

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