May 3, 2012

How To Make Cream Blush At Home?

Getting white skin and pink cheeks is really a dream that every women sees. However, every women is not blessed with rose pink cheeks. You can achieve pink cheeks with the help of blusher. Powdered blushers do no create a natural look. Cream blush creates a natural pinkish look. You do no need to buy expensive cream blush, rather you can make your own cream blush at home. The benefits of cream blush over powdered blush include long staying capability and ease of application.

Here are some simple steps for making cream blush at home:

  • Take a broken powdered blush of pink color.
  • Mix it in a moisturizer of your choice.
  • Mix it till a compact paste is made.
  • Save the cream blush in an air tight clean jar.
  • Apply daily on cheeks in morning while going out for work.

The cream blush you make at home are best for daily use, as you use a good quality moisturizer to make it. That is why, it is better than cream blush sold in market!


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