Apr 16, 2012

Daily Natural Look Make Up

Are you sick of putting on loads of make upto look beautiful? Do you want to give yourself a natural look that is admiredby everyone? If this is what you’re looking for, then you have stopped by theright place. Natural looks do not only make you look younger but also give youa decent appearance. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to create a natural look. Hereare some simple steps that you can easily do
daily to get a fresh and naturallook:

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The first and foremost step in make is selectionof a suitable foundation that matches your natural tint. Do not apply heavylayer that will give you an awkward look. Apply a thin layer of liquid foundationwith brush or fingers in circular movements.


After applying foundation evenly acrossyour face, apply face powder. Loose powder is best for this purpose, as it givesyou a perfect matte look. After applying face powder wipe if lightly withtissue paper to balance or remove any extra powder. Always choose face powdershades that match you complexion.


For a natural look, apply blusher ofnatural tints such as rosy pink, light peach, baby pink etc. you may apply iton nose, middle of forehead, chin and on cheek bones evenly.

Eye linerand eye shade:

Line the inside of eye with black eyeliner. Curl you eye lashes and apply mascara to make them look naturallycurled. Curled eye lashes give you innocent look. Apply an eye shade of brown,beige or any earth tone evenly.


Use lipstick of natural colors such aslight orange, peach, rosy pink. Apply light colors that add natural look toyour face.

Putting loads of make up on your face is notgoing to make you look beautiful. You must learn to wear make up wisely, sothat you can look fresh and youthful all day.


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