Apr 6, 2012

How to Prevent Freckles and Pigmentation

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If you wander in hot weather without sunscreen, it means you’re inviting dark spots and freckles to destroy your clear facial skin. Prolong sun exposure of skin without sun screen makes your skin dull and lifeless. Dark spots and blemishes appear on exposed skin causing Hyper Pigmentation. In this process, a chemical substance Melanin plays important role in darkening various parts of skin. If you let your face untreated, your beautiful face will be filled by ugly freckles and brown spots. Working women have to go out in sun often. Women use various creams and lotions to get rid of freckles and pigmentation. Most women start using sun block when they have already destroyed their face with freckles. There are many brands of sun screen, which claim to remove freckles and brown spots; however, many of them produce quick but temporary results i-e when you stop using these sun screens, you will get your freckles and brown spots back.

According to skin specialists, most brands use harmful chemicals in their sun screens and beauty creams to increase the demand of their products. These products work faster, but produce temporary results with lots of side effects. A break in the use of these creams and lotions would bring your marks and brown spots back. That is why, it is very important to use a well known and reliable sun screen. Whenever you go for purchasing a sun screen, always read the ingredients first. Check either the ingredients are safe or not. Some brands use harmful ingredients such as mercury and harmful acids that will ultimately destroy your skin by making it thin. Here are some simple tips for the prevention of freckles and pigmentation:

-Avoid going out in sun as much as you can.
-Use a proper sun screen SPF 30
-Wear long clothes, full sleeves and trousers, while going out in sun.
-Wear hat and sun glasses.
-Drink lots of water.
-Eat fruits and drink fruit juices.

The only solution to keep your skin from freckles and pigmentation is to use sun screen before these marks appear on your skin.


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