Apr 13, 2012

How to Do Pedicure at Home?

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Our feet are the most useful parts of ourbody. Sometimes, our feet have to bear our tight and uncomfortable shoes forwhole day. These uncomfortable shoes may leave ugly marks on your feet. As feetbear the whole weight of your body all day, they should be greatly taken careof. It is very important to keep your feet neat and clean, as a person’s cleanlinessis reflected in the cleanliness of their feet.

For maintaining the beauty of your feet andto get rid of weariness, you may follow some simple steps at home.

Thingsrequired for pedicure:

For pedicure at home you need the followingthings, which you will not only control the expenses of beauty parlor with but alsodo a pedicure in a perfect way at home:

- Nail cutter
- Nail file
- Cuticle cutter
- Pumice stone
- Moisturizer
- Towel
- Plastic bowl
- Nail paint remover
- Cotton pads
- Olive oil
- Salt
- Liquid soap
- Nail paint
- Nail varnish


- Remove the nail paint with cotton pads dipped in nail paint remover.
- Take a plastic bowl filled with warm water to dip your feet in it.You must add salt and liquid soap in this bowl. Keep your feet in water for 5minutes.
- After 5 minutes rub your heels with pumice stone to remove dirt anddead skin cells.
- Now wipe your feet with towel and apply cuticle oil on nails toclean them. Cuticle or olive oil will soften the dead skin cells and let themremove easily.
- Cut your nails with nail cutter and use a nail file to shape themproperly.
- Now massage your feet with a suitable moisturizer.
- Now wipe your feet with towel to remove moisturizer.
- Apply the nail paint on nails and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
- Apply the nail varnish and let it dry for 15 minutes.

You may repeat this process twice a month. Itwill not only make your feet look beautiful but also let you get rid of your weariness.


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