Apr 3, 2012

Simple tips for healthy skin

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kin is the largest organ of your body thatprotects inner organs from several infections. A healthy and glowing skin is consideredthe sign of beauty. Most girls look for easy and simple ways to get healthyskin, because they lack time for intensive skin care. You just need to adopt asimple skin care routine for preventing several skin problems and delayingnatural aging process.


Facial cleansing is the first step in skincare routine. Facial cleansing is very important, as it removes the dirt and extraoil from skin pores, leaving fresh and clean skin behind. You may choose a propercleanser that suits your skin type. Before you choose a facial cleanser foryour skin you must check for your skin type. Basically, there are three typesof skins i-e oily, dry or combination skin. Choose your facial cleanseraccording to your skin type. Facial cleansers are easily available at cosmeticstores. You may also buy them online.

Exfoliationand scrubbing:

Exfoliation is another important step indaily skin care routine. The main purpose of exfoliation and scrubbing is toremove dead skin cells and bring the new skin out. When the dead skin layer isremoved, new fresh and healthy skin layer comes out. If you exfoliate your skinregularly fine lines will be reduced and skin will retain adequate moisture tokeep it fresh and youthful. Exfoliating creams are available at cosmetic storesand online shops.


Moisturizing your skin with a suitablemoisturizer is very easy. Most people have a misconception that oily skin doesnot need moisture; however, this is just a myth. You may choose moisturizer accordingto the type of skin you own.

Avoidsun exposure:

One of the major causes of premature skinaging is sun exposure. Sun damages your skin making it look dull and lifeless. Itis extremely important to wear a suitable sunscreen and avoid prolong sunexposure.


Your diet puts a direct effect on your skintexture. Most skin problems happen because of unhealthy eating habits and wrongfoods. Avoid oily foods because they cause pimples and acne problems. Drinking freshjuices and lots of water would definitely make your skin look fresh andhealthy. Avoid depression and take adequate sleep. Try to stay happy with whatyou have and what you are!


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