Apr 29, 2012

Skin Care With Gram Flour

Are you looking for natural ways to get rid of dullness and tan? You have stopped by a right place, where you will learn natural ways to get fair and white skin with gram flour. Gram flour is one of the best natural skin whitening agents that help remove the tan and enhances the beauty of skin by making it flawless and smooth. Here are some simple recipes with gram flour that can help you get white and fair skin:

Gram Flour And Raw Milk Mask

Gram flour can be used along with raw milk for fresh and fair skin. You can make a gram flour mask by taking 1 tbsp gram flour along with few drops of lemon and raw milk to make a thick paste. Apply this mask evenly on cleansed skin for 20 minutes. This mask should be applied daily on oily skin. Use milk cream instead of raw milk if you have dry skin.

Gram Flour Honey Mask

While the gram flour is natural whitening agent, honey is a natural moisturizer. Honey does not only hydrates your skin but also removes tan and dullness. You can make a Gram flour Honey Mask by adding 1 tbsp of honey to 1 tbsp gram flour and some rose water. Follow this mask daily for 20 minutes.


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