May 7, 2012

Home Remedies For Long Eye Lashes

Who does not like the long and curled eye lashes? Of course, everyones likes! Most girls choose to use fake eye lashes to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Curled and long eye lashes give your face a enchanting and catchy look. The long and curled eye lashes give your face hot looks! There are several ways to get long eye lashes. If you would go to a beauty parlor, they would use eye lash curlers to curl your eye lashes. However, this is not a permanent way. Some cosmetics have also been introduced for getting long eye lashes. These cosmetics are expensive and do no produce lasting effects. The best way to get longer eye lashes is to use natural remedies.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that does not only hydrates the eye lashes but also help accelerate their growth. Apply on your eye lashes daily before going to bed overnight.

Raw Milk

Raw milk is also a natural moisturizer that hydrates your skin and eye lashes. The eye lashes growth is checked because of dryness. Apply raw milk on your eye lashes with the help of cotton balls overnight.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies for longer eye lashes. Apply Castor Oil on your eye lashes daily with mascara brush. This will help enhance the growth of your eye lashes.


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