Mar 31, 2012

Aging skin care

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As people cross the age of 40, their skin starts to lose its grace. Skin tends to lose its moisture and fine lines appear, making your skin look lifeless and dull. Skin aging results dark spots, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, dryness and dullness. People lose their confident and feel themselves old and lifeless. Aging skin care is very important to keep yourself young and youthful for long time.

Causes of aging skin:

There are two types of causes of aging skin:

-  Intrinsic skin aging
-  Extrinsic skin aging

Intrinsic skin Aging:

Intrinsic skin aging is a natural process that begins at the age of 40. The collagen production rate is decreased and the skin loses its flexibility. The removal of dead skin cells and growth of new skin cells decreases. Most common symptoms of aging skin are:

-  Wrinkles
-  Dryness
-  Fine lines
-  Dark spots
-  Decrease in skin thickness
-  Lack of sweating
-  Unwanted facial hair
-  Lack of skin tightness and firmness

Extrinsic skin Aging:

Aside from intrinsic factors that affect the skin with time, there are some external factors that cause premature aging of your skin. This process is called extrinsic skin aging. Most common causes of extrinsic skin aging are:

-  Sun exposure
-  Facial expressions
-  Cold weather
-  Drinking
-  Smoking
-  Inadequate sleep
-  Unhealthy diet

Aging skin care:

Obviously, it is not possible for you to stop natural aging process; however, you may prevent the premature aging by:

-  Saying no to smoking and drugs.
-  Avoid sun exposure
-  Take enough sleep
-  Eliminate facial expressions
-  Eat healthy diet
-  Drink lots of water

Of all things mentioned, always remember that inner happiness plays most important role in your appearance. Avoid anger and depression to keep your skin healthy and youthful.


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